Ricky Dorn Art exhibt

Anh by Ricky Dorn

Anh - Ricky Dorn Portrait
Anh - Ricky Dorn Portrait
Ahn - Ricky Dorn Portrait

For those of you that don't know, I am working on a second gallery exhibit. Many of you know I did one with my friend and mentor Aubrey Noelle in 2012 at the Artist Gallery inside the Art Institute - Inland Empire. I was asked to put together another one! This time it's just me. I will be shooting Staff and students from the Art Institute (IE) in a fashionable way and showing off there gorgeous before and afters.


Meet Anh, one of Ai's top staff members (lol). Anh has become a good friend of mine. Its ironic because I didn't like her at first haha! Come to the show and I'll explain why :). This was the first time I got to shoot with Danielle Frizelle, who did a fabulous job! makes my job way easier! lol

The exhibit will be late this year or early next year. Be On The Lookout!